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Oil Change in Denver, CO

Hotchkiss Auto Repair is the trusted neighborhood auto service center in Denver, CO, for quality oil changes. We provide oil change services for most makes and models. When you choose us, you're not just getting an oil change – you're receiving honest, friendly service with genuine care and personalized attention.

Do NOT trust your vehicle to a “quick lube” service center. Although it might be faster, you could be risking the longevity and reliability of your vehicle! Trust the experts.

Our team consists of advanced technicians, ensuring that your oil change is handled with precision and expertise. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, setting us apart from the competition. You can trust that the cost of our oil change services reflects the quality and care we provide. No hidden fees or unnecessary upsells – just straightforward and transparent service.

Across our three decades of operations, customers can feel confident in the integrity and honesty of Denver’s Favorite Auto Repair Shop. Customer testimonials can also be found on Google and Yelp, plus the shop has won the Neighborhood Faves Award 7 straight years!

Why Hotchkiss Auto Repair for Your Oil Change

1. Quality Motor OilsWe believe in using the best for your vehicle, and we exclusively use synthetic blends or full synthetic motor oils. Conventional fluids break down more quickly increasing the probability of sludge and debris in your engine. Many “quick lube” facilities rely on these cheap fluids that can shorten the lifespan of your vehicle.
2. OE-Quality Oil FiltersWith every oil change service, we replace your engine oil filter with an OE-quality part. If someone is changing your oil, they might cut a corner and skip a filter replacement. This can lead to build-up and abnormal oil pressure in your engine. Your engine deserves the best, and we deliver just that.
3. Wynn’s Products for Enhanced PerformanceHotchkiss Auto Repair goes the extra mile by using Wynn’s additives. These additives, including High Mileage Oil Treatment, Premium Oil System Cleaner, and Premium Oil Treatment, are designed to enhance your engine's performance and longevity.
4. Complimentary Safety InspectionYour safety is our priority. That's why every oil change service at Hotchkiss Auto Repair includes a complimentary safety inspection. In addition, most vehicles get the benefit of a digital vehicle inspection delivered to customers. This creates added transparency and trust so that customers can maintain, repair, and service vehicles with as much information at their fingertips. We want to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition beyond just the oil change and keep our customers in the driver’s seat.

For more insights into the importance of regular oil changes and answers to common questions, check out our blog: The Oil Change Guide - 10 Questions Answered by Hotchkiss Auto Repair.

Oil Change in Denver, CO | Hotchkiss Auto Repair

You can also read more about why oil changes should NOT be delayed at the following blog: The Importance of Timely Oil Changes.

At Hotchkiss Auto Repair, we understand that your time is valuable. While we do offer convenient "waiter" appointments, though the majority of our customers drop off their vehicles in the morning and expect to pick it up later in the day. Our view is that servicing a vehicle shouldn’t be a “check the box” responsibility that should be rushed. Regardless, our team has options to accommodate your schedule.

Our shop serves thousands of customers across Denver metro but most of our customers visit us from the following neighborhoods: Park Hill, Montclair, Lowry, City Park, Cherry Creek, Central Park, and Aurora.

For your next oil change service, and each one thereafter, choose Hotchkiss Auto Repair in Denver, CO. Call us to schedule your appointment today. If you are a first-time customer, we will share with you our New Customer Orientation that provides more information on our mission, values, policies, and procedures. Our aim is to have EVERY customers comfortable and prepared for an exceptional experience at Hotchkiss Auto Repair. We are your local neighborhood repair shop, and we hope you let us keep your engine properly lubricated for hundreds of thousands of miles! Just as important, we look forward to serving you and your family for years to come!