Denver’s Favorite Neighborhood Auto Repair Shop


Our team would like to WELCOME you to your local repair shop! It is our privilege to serve the Denver metro community and we are humbled you have chosen our team for your automotive service and repair needs. In order to serve you best, we want to take a moment to share information on our company, so you know what to expect on your first and future visits.

Who We Are?

Since 2000, we have been automotive professionals aiming to build community ties and support neighbors by providing exceptional automotive services. We focus on keeping our clients’ vehicles safely on the roads and reliably maintained. Our work starts with building an inclusive team focused on continuous improvement and exceptional customer service. We value PEOPLE, especially our employees and customers. YOU make our MISSION real!

Our values and expectations

  • Excellence is at the core of everything we do. We aim to elevate the standard of the automotive industry
  • Honesty is nonnegotiable. We aim to be transparent with all stakeholders and build trust with customers.
  • Respect is mutual. We aim to interact with integrity towards our clients. We expect the same in return.
  • Grace is appreciated. Though very good, we are not perfect. We readily admit to mistakes and make it right.

Hotchkiss Auto Policies and Procedures

1. All appointments are “day” appointments not “time slots.” Vehicles should be dropped off between 8:00am-9:00am and left for the entire day. Vehicles can also be dropped off the business day before their scheduled appointment in the afternoon. If you need any special accommodation, please let us know in advance.

2. We are not a “quick lube” shop. We discourage waiting at the shop for repairs or diagnostics, however, for basic services there are limited appointments available for customers willing to wait.

3. Appointments for vehicle diagnostics only implies testing will be completed. Repairs may take more time due to parts availability and shop workflow. If a timing sensitivity exists, please communicate that prior to the appointment.

4. The shop prefers OE or OE-equivalent parts from our suppliers subject to availably and price. If unavailable, non-OE aftermarket parts may be sourced. We do not install customer-supplied parts.

5. Staff may drive vehicles across various road conditions for service and diagnostic purposes. Safety inspections are standard for most appointments. If necessary, gas, cleaning, or storage fees may be imposed. To avoid putting our staff at risk, we discourage driving vehicles with expired registration or missing plates. Accordingly, warranties may be limited due to inability to road test.

6. The shop uses an advanced shop management system (SMS) and digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) to enhance transparency and communication. If you receive a link via text or email, please review the shop’s findings on your vehicle as soon as possible and get back in touch. Receipt of an inspection does not imply the vehicle is ready for pickup but instead a service advisor is ready for a consultation regarding your vehicle. Recommended services or repairs will take additional time.

NextDoor Hotchkiss

7. Repairs authorization by the customer verbally or digitally (e.g., text, email, SMS) is valid. Detailed digital estimates can be requested and will then be sent via text or email. We encourage questions; please do not hesitate to gain additional clarification on recommendations.

8. Repair estimates are only estimates. Actual repair costs may vary, and customer is subject to additional costs including labor and materials associated with rust buildup, seized or broken bolts, brittle wiring or connectors, poor quality of prior repairs (e.g., other shops or DIY), or conditions typical of older vehicles. Additional costs will be discussed with customers to ensure there are no surprises at vehicle checkout. Customer should be aware fixing one component in a system does not guarantee the integrity of that entire system; additional issues may arise after the initial repair.

9. Initial diagnostic costs are only estimates and additional testing fees may be required. The customer is fully responsible for actual expenses for diagnostics performed and testing needed. Note: pulling trouble system codes is not a comprehensive diagnostic procedure.

10. Old parts can be kept for inspection by the customer if requested prior to the repairs. Customer is responsible for additional costs if they want to keep parts that have associated core charges.

11. Special order parts or major repairs require an upfront deposit depending on the circumstance.

12. If you would like a consultation to go over prior work performed on a vehicle our shop is servicing for the first time, please communicate that desire prior to the scheduled appointment.

13. Our automotive technicians have a full schedule of vehicle services to complete each day and are generally unavailable for direct consultations with customers. Please direct all communication to the front office personnel. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the shop manager.

14. Any declined estimates are valid for up to 30 days, at the discretion of management. Customer acknowledges parts availability and costs can change the shop’s ability to perform repairs.

15. Vehicle pickup can occur after 9am during our normal business hours. This allows our team to focus on vehicle intake for same day appointments between 8am-9am. We can accommodate special requests, including after-hours pickup if communicated and scheduled in advance.

16. If you feel dissatisfied with the shop’s performance, communication, services, or repairs, please contact our manager, Lenny, by calling the shop phone number or emailing [email protected]. The shop prides itself on delivering the highest standard of service in the automotive repair industry and will do our best to address your concern.

17. We reserve the right to determine which vehicles we service and repair based on numerous factors including but not limited to vehicle characteristics (age, make, condition, modifications, etc.) and our shop’s evolving capability and tooling.

18. We reserve the right to deny service to disrespectful customers. We work hard to serve our community and will not tolerate negativity or discrimination. We deeply believe in professionalism, mutual respect, and decency.

Your Neighbor,
The Hotchkiss Auto Team

P.S. – As a special thank you for entrusting our team with your vehicle, and reading our orientation document, mention this letter to get 5% off parts (up to $50) on your first visit invoice.