The Importance of Timely Oil Changes

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to overlook the seemingly mundane aspects of car maintenance. One such routine task that often gets pushed to the back burner is the regular oil change. However, delaying this seemingly minor upkeep can have significant repercussions for your vehicle's overall health. It should be considered the most affordable way to increase the life of your vehicle. Read on to learn of the critical reasons why neglecting this routine maintenance can pose risks to your vehicle and why opting for quick lube centers might not be the wisest choice.

The Risks of Delaying Oil Changes

Your engine, the heart of your vehicle, relies on a consistent flow of clean oil to function optimally. Over time, however, oil breaks down, losing its effectiveness as a lubricant. Procrastinating on oil changes can lead to a cascade of issues, including:

  • Engine Wear and Tear – Your engine operates under extreme conditions, generating heat and friction. When the oil's lubricating properties diminish, it can lead to increased wear and tear.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency – Dirty, old oil can compromise your engine's efficiency, causing it to work harder and burn more fuel.
  • Engine Overheating – As oil ages, it loses its ability to dissipate heat effectively. This raises the risk of your engine overheating, potentially causing severe damage and costly repairs.

Each scenario above can come with various conditions such as rich and lean fuel trims, head gasket repairs due to overheating, timing and correlation issues requiring major internal engine repair, engine oil leaks, and more.  Delaying an oil change due to the slight inconvenience it puts on your regular life will lead to more time the vehicle needs to be in an automotive service shop and avoidable expenses tied to vehicle diagnostics and repair.



Why Quick Lube/Oil Change Centers Might Not Cut It

While the convenience of quick lube centers might be tempting, it's crucial to consider the quality of service. Many of these establishments prioritize speed over thoroughness, using generic oils that might not meet your vehicle's specific requirements.

At Hotchkiss Auto Repair in Denver, CO, our commitment to your vehicle's well-being goes beyond swift service. We exclusively use synthetic blends or fully synthetic motor oils to ensure top-tier performance and longevity. Our auto repair shop takes the time to understand your vehicle's unique needs and performs complimentary inspections to ensure you get additional insights into your car’s health.

It is also important to think about WHO is doing your oil change. At most quick lube or national chain repair shops, you often have a “lube tech” or entry-level technician doing oil changes. Do you want to trust your most important vehicle maintenance activity to an inexperienced mechanic? At Hotchkiss Auto Repair, each of our technicians goes through regular and rigorous training to pursue knowledge, certifications, and advanced credentials. Moreover, we take the time to complete digital vehicle inspections to provide added transparency for our customers on their vehicle’s health. It might be true that our shop cannot get your oil change and safety inspection done in 5 minutes, but is that really a good goal for healthy vehicle maintenance?

The Hotchkiss Auto team was not named Best Auto Repair Shop in Denver (2023) because of their quick oil changes.  Rather, friendly service, quality technicians, and a comprehensive yet affordable approach to vehicle maintenance is why countless Denver drivers trust Hotchkiss Auto Repair for all their service, maintenance, and repair needs.  


The Value of Wynn's Additives

At our auto repair shop, we go the extra mile by offering Wynn's additives with our change services. These high-quality additives enhance the performance and longevity of your engine. From minimizing friction to cleaning and preventing deposits, Wynn's additives fortify your engine, ensuring it stays resilient against the demands of the road.

Hotchkiss Auto Repair has three Wynn’s add-on options:

  1. Upgraded Oil Service – This includes an oil treatment that is formulated as a modern oil additive and provides improved oxidation stability. The treatment operates as an engine oil detergency and possesses low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) protection. This product assists with slowing additive depletion and reduces friction & wear.
  2. Premium Oil Service – This includes the oil treatment from the Upgraded Oil Service, plus an oil cleaner. The oil cleaner is developed with a blend of solvents that safely removes engine deposits that a standard oil change cannot. An improved drain can assist with improved engine compression and reduce oil consumption.
  3. Fuel Treatment & Premium Oil Service – This includes the products from the Premium Oil Service, plus an advanced fuel treatment product. The fuel treatment allows for cleaning of fuel injectors and port fuel injector (PFI) intake valves. The product can help mitigate rough idle and hesitation, protects against corrosion, and helps restore lost fuel economy. It can also support emulsification and removal of water present in the fuel tank.

For vehicles with high mileage, there is a specially formulated engine additive that our team offers. This treatment aims to address problems unique to vehicles with over 75,000 miles. It can help reduce oil consumption, smoke, and harmful emissions typical of older engines. It also helps minimize leaks and oil seepage. 

Overall, regular oil changes are not just a routine maintenance task – they are a proactive step toward preserving your vehicle's health and performance. Choosing the right oil and additives can make a significant difference in your engine's longevity and overall efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about oil services, read our Oil Change Guide: 10 Questions Answered by Hotchkiss Auto Repair.

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