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In the past 8 years, my car has been with mechanics like Jersey Shore's "The Situation" has been with ... you get the picture. This is not because I enjoy it, but it's because I have been looking for a mechanic who avoids these two things: a. Talks to you like you're an idiot for not knowing enough about cars. b. Tells you about all the OTHER parts of your car that are breaking down. That is, the parts that you didn't come in for. Hotchkiss not only is conscious of these things, but they do so much more. They have Cliff Bars available in the waiting room, as well as a really friendly girl at the desk. Berle, the man, not only remembered my name, and not only encouraged me to prioritize my car troubles and pick one thing at a time to fix, but he also took me over and showed me my engine and explained what he did to it and wasn't annoyed to do it. "Sealed with a Hotchkiss"... use that one, Berle. A freebee.


Wow!... These people are amazing and honest. They don't replace phantom parts, nor do they take your wallet for a ride. Took in my car after calling several local shops and getting a quote. They were about 35% less than other repair establishments. After 24 hours with the car, they were unable to get the car to repeat the problem, however they only charged me for 1/2 hour of labor. The mechanic personally spoke with me, assured me that he looked over every area that may had been related to the original problem. They could have replaced parts all day long, and I wouldn't have been suspicious. Hard to find honest shops, but this shop has earned a customer for life!