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The Oil Change Guide: 10 Questions Answered by Hotchkiss Auto Repair

Periodically the question comes up, “Do I need an oil change?”  Life is busy and it is never a great time to be without your car.  As you are cruising down the highway, that pesky “Maintenance Required” light comes… great timing! You also noticed your oil change reminder sticker and see that the next oil change is overdue.  It is tempting to skip your oil change or put it off for a more convenient time and it won’t be that bad right?  Wrong.   Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and it has many vital roles in protecting the longevity of your car.  Poor vehicle maintenance is the most common cause of premature vehicle failure.  Continue reading to learn more on Ten Common Oil Change Questions that will better inform you on how to best maintain your vehicle and ensure it has a long and reliable life! 1. Why does my vehicle need an oil change? Engine oil has additiv ... read more